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Tax Depreciation Schedules for Investment Property

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Corpred Enterprises have experience you can rely on.

Experienced & Registered

Corpred Enterprises are Registered Tax Agents and fully accredited Quantity Surveyors, qualified to prepare tax depreciation schedules for any rental, commercial or investment property.

ATO Compliant

Our tax depreciation reports; Gold, Silver and Commercial, comply with all Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements. Corpred Enterprises keep up to date with ATO rulings and legislation to ensure maximum depreciation return for our customers.

Australia Wide

100% Australian owned and operated, Corpred Enterprises is recognised as a pioneer in the area of tax depreciation. We serve clients Australia wide, with inspectors available in every state and territory to visit your property.

Prime & Diminishing Value Summaries

Our depreciation reports outline and compare both the prime and diminishing value method claims for the full life of the property. We provide yearly claim amounts in an easy to read table, with a detailed breakdown of what is included in these figures for each year.

Helpful support Team

Our helpful and knowledgeable support team are based in Australia, and can be contacted by phone, email or Live Chat through our website.

Valid for 40 years

Our tax depreciation reports are valid for the full life of your property beginning from your date of first lease unless advised otherwise, outlining the claims on plant & equipment, capital works, and structural renovations for each year.

Pro-rata for first year

Depreciation values for the first financial year are calculated in line with the amount of time for which the property was rented, allowing for ease of use.

Split ownership

Our depreciation reports can be apportioned in line with percentage ownership if required, at no additional cost.

Furniture included

Whether your property came with a furniture package or you purchased furnishings yourself, we can include these in your schedule at no additional cost.

Claims maximised in early years

Corpred Enterprises makes use of the low value pool and other ATO rulings to maximise your claims in the early years.

Includes common areas in complexes

If your property is in an apartment block, townhouse complex or similar, you are entitled to claim a portion of the costs of all assets in shared areas. These will be included in your report.

Includes ALL renovations - previous and current owners

Our service includes an assessment of all works carried out since the property was constructed - including works that have been carried out and paid for by the previous owner of the property.

Corpred Enterprises

ATO-Compliant Tax Depreciation Schedules on a Budget

With over 21 years of industry experience, our qualified Quantity Surveyors have prepared Tax Depreciation Schedules for thousands of clients, ranging from "Mum and Dad" property investors to some of Australia's leading organisations including RAMS Home Loans, Fortescue Metal Groups and Eden Brae Homes.

How do we keep our prices so low compared to some of the other Tax Depreciation Specialists on the market? We deal directly with property investors, meaning we do not pay commissions to anyone! No referral fees, no commissions, just low prices every day. If you find a competitor offering a lower price, we are happy to price match any written quote for the same service.

If you have a good knowledge of your property, we also offer our Silver option, which will provide you with a full ATO compliant Tax Depreciation Schedule without the need to pay for an inspection.

As a Registered Tax Agent and member of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, you can be assured that your report will be of the highest quality and will meet all ATO requirements.

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Tax Depreciation Experts

Corpred Enterprises is Australia's Leading Online Discount depreciation schedule provider with over 20 years experience. Our reports are prepared by experienced and registered quantity surveyors. More...

Depreciation Reports for Rental Properties

A depreciation schedule or a depreciation report is a document that outlines all available tax depreciation deductions for a residential, commercial or industrial property. It’s a document that includes details of your building and forecasts how certain parts such as fixtures, fittings (also known as plant and equipment), and common areas will reduce in value over time. It essentially outlines the exact amount of tax deductions for depreciation that you’re entitled to claim on your rental property investment. The wear and tear on your investment property lowers the value of the building itself, as well as various fittings and fixtures, allowing you to reduce your taxable income.

Generally all properties both new and old have some level of depreciation allowances available.

Once a tax depreciation report has been completed – your accountant can claim the depreciation in your yearly tax returns, effectively allowing you to reduce your taxable income and hence saving you thousands of dollars by lowering your taxable income. Corpred is a specialist in the preparation of tax depreciation reports. We carry out tax depreciation reports or otherwise know as tax depreciation schedules throughout Australia in every capital city including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, , Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin. We also have Quantity Surveyors in capital cities and rural areas to provide full inspection depreciation reports.

Corpred Also provides a free property tax depreciation calculators allowing you to work out the potential tax depreciation on your residential rental property.

Our fees are 100% tax deductible.

Call us now if you would like your investment property to start providing you better cashflow outcomes with a tax depreciation report. For your peace of mind, Corpred also has a price match guarantee. Find a lower price and we will match it.

Established in 1998 – Corpred is a leading provider of tax depreciation reports having completed more than 25,000 tax depreciation reports for happy clients all over Australia.