In order to carry out your depreciation schedule, could you please provide the following details as listed below.
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Full name as it appears on the Contract of Sale

Is the property New or Existing?

Item Date Cost
List here any renovations carried out by yourself since you have owned the property or that you may think have been carried out since 27th February 1992 by previous owners. If possible list the year of the renovation and your best estimate of likely cost. A typical response may be as follows:
Repainted unit2002$2,600
New carpet2001$2,150
New light fittings-$650
Tiled balcony by previous ownermaybe 6 years oldCost unknown / date unknown
Inventory Date Cost
Your managing agent should have a copy of this, which will be signed by your tenants upon acceptance of the lease agreement.
Also provide approximate costs of the items (if known). If the cost is unknown please provide a reasonable estimate.
An example would be:
Inventory Date Cost
Furniture includes for items that are supplied by the landlord, are removable and do not form part of the building.
Items such as dishwashers, ovens, cooktops, blinds, etc are fixed in place and considered part of the building.

If you have any photos of your property, floor plans or strata plans - you can upload the supplementary information in jpeg/jpg or pdf format (files can be no larger than 5 Mb per file).

There is a limit of 5Mb per file, try smaller file

uploading image.jpg

There is a limit of 5Mb per file, try smaller file

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This is the amount stated within the contract. For commercial and industrial properties, the amount stated should be GST exclusive.
This is the amount of stamp duty payable to the Office of State Revenue.
This is the amount for conveyancing fees associated with your purchase.
This is the date that contracts were exchanged.
This is the date that the property settled and you took ownership of it.
If the property was bought as an investment property and it was available for rent from the date of settlement, then the date of first lease would be the same as the date of settlement.

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